About VBS

Vantage Building Services (VBS) has offered professional condo and strata cleaning services since 2009 in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Over the last 15 years we have been working alongside property managers, owners, condo boards and tenants to tailor our services and deliver outstanding results across a wide array of strata and residential properties.

Our staff are experienced, professional and backed by industry leading training, equipment and occupational health and safety practices.

Why Choose VBS for Your Strata Cleaning Needs?

We have built our reputation by going above and beyond and putting our client’s satisfaction above all else.

Communication is key and we excel at it. As a result we have had the privilege of building long standing partnerships and continue doing our small part to improve this city we call home.

Health & Safety Policy

Vantage Building Services and their senior management are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment to all employees and contractors that focuses on physical, psychological, and social well-being. Our goal is to prevent negative effects on people and the environment whenever possible.

Senior management will provide the needed health and safety resources, managers and supervisors will educate and enforce expected practices, workers and contractors will participate as expected.

To fulfill our commitment all parties must comply with applicable legislation, and our company’s health and safety practices, processes, and policies. This means all persons working for, or on behalf of, Vantage Building Services will take reasonable care to protect themselves, their fellow workers, and others that may be present at or near an VBS work sites.

Working together we can fulfill our commitment.

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